For most bloggers, Pinterest is their #1 traffic source. It is a fantastic platform because content seems to stay alive longer than on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram since your content is continually being passed around as people re-pin content. In this post, I’m going to walk you through the game-changing setup I used in BoardBooster, an automated pinning tool, that has significantly improved my Pinterest profile.

Disclosure: Some links on this page are affiliate links, but please note that I’d never put something on here that I wouldn’t highly recommend.

How BoardBooster Helped Increase My Pinterest Traffic

I am excited to share with you this “set it and forget it” system I have for automating my Pinterest pins because it has significantly impacted my Pinterest profile over the last several months. In the last 30 days alone, the average number of clicks to my website has increased by a whopping 240.59%!!!! I have an average monthly increase of 33.33% in new profile followers. My average daily impressions increases at a steady average of at least 25% a day and in the last 30 days alone, my average daily viewers has increased by 65.73%.

But you want to know the best part? While my profile is pinning content regularly that I find rich in value and relevant to my readers, I hardly have to do any work.

Instead, all it took was for me to set up a super simple system in BoardBooster and it has made all the difference for me. I’ve seen quite a few tutorials on BoardBooster that are awesome, but to be honest, I’m not seeing many that cover the very best part of BoardBooster,  so I thought it would be helpful to walk you step by step through how I have BoardBooster set up. Are you ready?

Creating Your BoardBooster Account

Let’s start off by going to BoardBooster. From BoardBooster, select Sign In in the top right of the page

How to Schedule and Automate Pins with BoardBooster

Below the login information, you’ll see the Sign Up option


The first action I set up is looping. Looping allows you to re-pin your old content, which ups the odds that new users can see it.

From the top menu, click Pinning Tools and select Looping from the dropdown menu:

How to Schedule and Automate Pins with BoardBooster

Next, click Configure Looping

You’ll be shown a list of your Pinterest boards and given an option to check which ones you want to do looping for.

I recommend that you only start looping on boards with over 50 pins. So hop over to your Pinterest account really fast and hover your cursor over your profile photo in the top right and select My Profile, then select Boards (shown below). Make note of any boards with over 50 pins (except for any Pinterest group boards, which we will cover in a second), and then hop back over to the BoardBooster site and check the box for that board.

Once you have selected all boards with 50+ pins, click Continue

I recommend that you set a reminder for yourself in your calendar for every 3 months to go back in and re-evaluate your BoardBooster settings. Perhaps 3 months from now you have 50 pins on a board so you can add it to the looping. You’ll also want to up the frequency of looping on the boards you already have set up, because surely by then you’ll have more pins so 1% of those pins will be higher than the number you have set up!

Next, you’ll see a pretty overwhelming screen that allows you to configure your settings. Don’t worry! I’ll walk you through it all!


Pinterest Checklist

In this Pinterest Checklist, I break down everything that you need to do to maximize your reach on Pinterest & boost blog traffic.


Let’s take a peek at the frequency setting. This allows you to determine how often it’s going to be doing this looping. Blog Beautifully recommends that you loop 1-2% for each board. In other words, for a board with 100 pins, you’ll want it to loop 1/day. For a board with 500 pins, you’ll want it to loop 5 times a day.

Select Multiple Pins per Day (even if you will only post 1/day, still select this option, it allows you to customize more)

You can then select how many times per day you want to pin (remember the 1% rule) and can select the timing of these pins. I recommend you set a 24-hour feature for now. BoardBooster allows you to see what times are the best times for your pins, but it needs some time to work before it can give you those analytics. I’ll give you info later in this post on how to update these settings based on those stats.

But for now, here’s how I recommend you set things up:

Another setting to adjust is the Protect for viral duplicates settiing (it’s closer to the bottom). By default, it’s set to Disabled, but you want to switch it to Enabled. The reason why you want to do this is because while you want duplicate pins to be deleted, you definitely do not want to delete some of your pins that are viral.

Keep the rest of the settings just as the default settings have them. You can update them later if you want. One setting to make sure is enabled is the “Run deduplication”–have that set for every 5 days. What this means is every 5 days, BoardBooster will go into your board, look at the old pin and the new, duplicate pin that it looped, and see which one is performing better. It will then delete the poor performer. This helps keep you from having a board filled with duplicates.

Now select Submit

Re-Pin Previous Blog Posts with Random Campaigns

BoardBooster allows you to easily re-pin your old blog posts to your Pinterest page. Think about it, anyone new who is following you misses out on the chance to see all of your older (but still awesome) stuff. You can use the Random Campaign feature in BoardBooster to randomly re-pin posts from your site, without it cluttering up your Pinterest feed and looking like massive spamming to your audience.

Let’s go ahead and get this set up. From the top menu in BoardBooster, select Pinning Tools and then Campaigns

You’ll see a few options for campaigns, but for the purposes of simply re-posting your blog content, let’s stick with Random Campaigns. Select Create Random Campaign.

Give your campaign a name. You can name it something like “My Blog Posts”

Next, you’ll select a “Source Board.” This is the board that you will pull your material from. I recommend that you create a Pinterest board specifically devoted to your blog. If you haven’t done that already, I recommend you pause here and get that set up. It shouldn’t take too long, simply go back to your blog and pin all of your older posts.

Click Add Board and select that board which contains all of your blog posts

You’ll notice a Frequency of Pinning dropdown menu. This tells you how many times per day a pin goes to each of these boards. Since most of the Group Boards I follow have a 1/day policy, I changed the settings to 2-3/day (BoardBooster’s default setting is 3/day). Next, click on the board that you want to get your pins from (the board with your blog posts) and select Submit

You’ll then see each of the boards and the frequency of pins per day set to go out. This gives you a chance to customize a particular board, in case one group has different settings from another group. However, be sure to still keep in mind that you don’t want to spam-blast your followers. For my settings, I have one pin per day going to each of these groups, and I have one pin per day of my newest post going to each of these groups (I’ll cover that in the next section).

Next, you’ll customize your pin posting times. I recommend you set it for a 24 hour period at first, and then adjust it 3 months later once BoardBooster has more analytics on how your pins are doing.

Now select the Advanced Settings at the bottom

I’m going to recommend one adjustment. Where it says Duplication click Custom Settings

As it stands, it will re-post the same pin to the same board after 5 days. In my opinion, that’s far too close together. I recommend 14 days instead:

Once you are done, click Save

You’ll then see this campaign listed and can edit the settings at any time by going to Pinning Tools Campaigns

Scheduling Your Newest Blog Posts

One of the pins that you want to prioritize with getting out there is your latest blog post or product you are promoting. The looping and random campaigns are…well…random. But as a new post gets posted, you want that info out there. In order to prioritize this post, I recommend that you create a Scheduled Campaign. Go to Pinning Tools and select Campaign (you might already be on the page if you are following this article step by step). Click New Campaign in the top right corner

And there you go! Now you’ll see that campaign in your Campaigns page:

You’ll select the Scheduled Campaign. Now give that name a title and indicate how many new pins you want to do per day (I personally do 1/day). Then click Add Repin

You’ll then select the board you’d like that pin to re-pin to on the first day. Then click Add

Next, you’ll click Add repin and you’ll be picking the next board you want that pin to post to. Usually, that is the following day. For example, if my post goes live on Day 1, I want to pin that first pin to my page. On Day 2 I want it to pin to one of my group boards, then on Day 3 I want it to pin to another group board, and so on.

As you add each group board and assign it a day number, you’ll start to see the schedule laid out:

Once you are done, click Save

If you go to your Pinterest account now, you’ll see a hidden board with the title you gave the campaign and a “-” before the name. This is where you will save your pin to.

Let’s give it a try! Go to the article that you would like to pin and pin it to that secret board (psst: don’t forget to have a great keyword-rich description in that pin!)

And that’s all you have to do for that new post! BoardBooster does the rest! Now let’s look at scheduling pins from others on Pinterest.

Scheduling New Pins from Other Pinners

You obviously don’t want to just keep re-pinning old stuff, you need some fresh, new stuff in your feed! The Scheduler is the Best BoardBooster tool for the task.

From the top menu in BoardBooster select Pinning Tools and then Scheduler

Next, select Add Board

Add all of the boards that you want to add pins to (I recommend you do not include group boards and your board with just your blog posts, since we already scheduled for those). Then click Continue:

Now you can customize your settings. The number of pins you have set to go up per day is totally up to you (ignore the “15” here–that’s not what I do! I started mine at 3/day). This is how many pins for each board. You might adjust this later (especially after you see my tip in the next section!!!). You’ll also want to set up timing. My advice is the same as I gave you in other sections: pick a 24 hour period for now and after BoardBooster has some time to analyze how your pins are doing, you can adjust that time to fit it in to a better time window. Then select Next

So from here on out, your pinning is going to be a little different. Rather than pinning directly to that board, you’ll be pinning to the secret board that BoardBooster created. You’ll know which one that is because it has a “-” in front of it. For example, rather than pinning to “Dinner Ideas” you’ll pin to the secret board called “-Dinner Ideas”


Pinterest Checklist

In this Pinterest Checklist, I break down everything that you need to do to maximize your reach on Pinterest & boost blog traffic.

Automatically Re-Pin from some of Your Favorite Boards of Others

If I haven’t rocked your world yet, just brace yourself. Crap’s about to get real.

Another feature of BoardBooster is you can have them follow a board that you love of someone else’s and BoardBooster will re-pin that board’s best-performing pins. Say Whaaaaa?!

I have mine set up in a particular way that even though it’s automatically selecting content, the content still aligns incredibly well with my brand.

Here’s how to set it up. Go to the campaign page and select New Campaign

Click on the Pin Sourcing Campaign

Create a Campaign Name and identify the Target Board. The Target Board is the board that you want to pin TO. I’ve mentioned before that you want to have 5-7 categories for your site and 5-7 boards that cover those categories. So we are setting this up for each of those main categories on your site. But here’s my big tip: pin to those secret boards you created in the Scheduler section. That way, you are still controlling how many pins per category you do each day.

Next, you’ll click Add Board

This is when you add the board that you want to follow. Now please oh please don’t just go out and start adding boards like crazy.

Be intentional about what you post to your Pinterest profile. You want to make sure that it aligns well with your brand, both visually and content-wise. #bloggingtip Click To Tweet

Hope on over to Pinterest and search for the topic of your board. Click on Boards to see what boards cover that topic:

Take some time looking at each board. Does this content reflect my brand? Do the headlines contradict much of what I say? For example, I found one page all about Mailchimp and how great it is. I personally do not recommend Mailchimp, but I highly recommend Convert Kit, so this board doesn’t align well with my message. That’s not to say that there can’t be some things that contradict what you are saying, but you want to agree with 80% of what you see.

Also, don’t feel like you need to click on each pin–in this case just take a general glimpse at the pins and make your decision. If you are struggling with finding a page related to your topic, you might want to narrow your search down. For example, I struggled with finding something for “Social Media” that aligned with my brand, so I narrowed my search down to “Facebook”, “Instagram” and so on.

You could also go to Boards of some of your favorite influencers and add theirs.

Once you add the board URL, you can determine how many times a day you want BoardBooster to pull from that board, then click Save

You can keep adding boards until you have as many as you want (I started with 3-4)

I personally keep the settings here the same–it doesn’t really matter for me since I post these to my Scheduler boards which already have the settings set up. Then click Save

And boom baby! They are set up!!! You can click Edit to change them at any point.

What I love about this feature is that the work is being done for me! I do go in and check my profile once in a while and sometimes I do need to remove pins that don’t totally align with my blog concept–but that doesn’t happen often. In fact, I actually love going to my profile because I learn so much from the pins automatically posted on there!

I’ve even tried to pop in there and manually pin pins that I find interesting, only to find that it turns out I’ve already pinned it automatically in BoardBooster!

Other BoardBooster Tools

There are a few other tools in BoardBooster (especially in the Reports and Pin Maintenance section), but for right now, my goal is to help you get set up right in BoardBooster.

This will take some tweaking over time as you analyze what works well for you. But play around and give it a try! I bet you’ll see some amazing growth on your Pinterest profile.

Pinterest Checklist

In this Pinterest Checklist, I break down everything that you need to do to maximize your reach on Pinterest & boost blog traffic.