Simple Steps & Systems to Help You Run a Successful Blog

There is SO Much Information About Blogging Out There

It’s confusing, right? We are bombarded with amazing content—but so much content that we have no idea where to start.

I’d love to help you with that. I’m a blogging nerd who is always eager to share ways to simplify processes for people and help them launch an amazing blog business.

My name is Tara Porter and at Methodical Blogger, my mission is to break the blogging process down into an organized system that is simple to follow. In earning my PhD in Education, I discovered two fields I absolutely loved: website usability & online training. This website helps me combine both loves to help YOU.

Check out some resources available to help you:

Step-by-Step Blog Launch Checklist

If you are starting or re-launching a blog, chances are you might be a little overwhelmed with the process. Where do you start? What do you need to do? In this Blog Launch Checklist, I break down everything that you need to do to get your blog running:

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