Sometimes it can be so tough to come up with blog content, right? Or maybe you have a topic, but you are stumped on the best way to present it. In this post, I am going to share with you 10 different types of blog posts that you could write to boost blog traffic. I find that looking at this list helps me come up with so many blog post ideas, and I’m sure it will do the same for you too!

Blog Post Type #1: The List 

Types of Blog Posts

One great article type that I use a lot (in fact, THIS article is one of them!) is the list article. This is when you create a list of a certain number of items related to a topic. You probably see these often with Buzzfeed articles or in Cosmo magazines. For example, I just looked up articles on Cosmopolitan and there’s one article called “13 Fitness Apps that Make Fitness Suck Less.” 

In these posts, each item will have a paragraph (or a few paragraphs) explaining that item in the list (just like what I’m doing here). Oh and want to hear an odd fact? A study by Medium found that odd-numbered lists have greater traffic than even-numbered lists. So be sure to turn that list of 10 things to 11! 

Here are some of mine so that you can see some examples: 6 Useful Plugins You Should Have on Your Blog and 8 Important Items You Should Have on Your About Page. I really need to come up with one more to make those odd-numbered, right? But that’s another important point: don’t just throw in something value-less just to his that odd-numbered rule. I’m not going to list a plugin I don’t recommend or have you add in a superfluous item to your About page. So keep in mind that the odd-numbered rule won’t always work, and that’s ok!

Blog Post Type #2: Tutorial

Types of Blog Posts

Tutorials walk your reader step by step through something. For example, a makeup blogger might share a step by step guide to creating an evening look.  This is the primary type of blog post that I do here on Methodical Blogger (of all the different types of blog posts, these are my favorite posts because I love walking someone step by step through something). You can see some examples:

Blog Post Type #3: Review Post

Types of Blog Posts

A review post is used to review a particular product or service. I’ve mentioned my previously-owned website, Padded Tush Stats, when I shared with you how blogging helped me in a financial crunch. At this site, I reviewed how cloth diapers worked on my kids and wrote about it. Those are review articles.

Readers often look to online articles to help them make buying decision. For example, I often go to websites like Cnet whenever I am looking into purchasing a particular piece of technology.  The author tends to tell me the overall pros and cons of a product so that I can make an informed decision about whether or not to buy a product.

Sometimes you can reach out to companies to ask to review their products. When I was first starting my cloth diaper review site, I started by reviewing items that I had already purchased myself. This helped me build up my portfolio so that when I approached a company asking to do a review, I had some examples to show them.

Blog Post Type #4: Controversial Post

Types of blog posts

I’m going to be honest here and say that I personally do these types of blog posts. To quote Rex from Toy Story, “I don’t like confrontations!” But these posts do generate some buzz and traffic, so whether you are cool with that or not is up to you! One blogger who I see shared a lot because of his controversial blog posts is Matt Walsh. He tends to be a very conservative writer and often writes about topics that people disagree with. Some of his articles include “No, we aren’t ‘stealing from the poor’  by allowing the rich to keep more of their own money” and “Don’t complain about ‘rape culture’ if you’re ok with boys in the girls locker room.” Those are topics that are pretty debatable in the general population.

Blog Post Type #5: Interviews

Types of blog posts

This is a great way to feature someone related to your niche. It’s a fantastic strategy because (a) you don’t have to come up with content to write (just questions!) and (b) often the person you interview will share your post with others which could help you grow your audience! Some examples of possible interviews:

  • If you are a health and fitness blogger, you can interview a trainer asking for tips on staying healthy while traveling
  • If you are a food blogger, you can ask a fellow foodie to share their favorite kitchen tools (pssst, use an Amazon affiliate link to link up those products–that’s a great way to get a little income from your post)
  • If you are a Mom blogger, interview a Mom whom you admire and ask for some of her favorite parenting tips

There are so many options that you have! One big tip I have for interview articles is to make sure they are focused on a particular topic. Whenever I see a post titled “Interview with ___”, there is NO motivation for me to click on the post because it’s too broad and I have no sense of what value I will be getting from it. But what if the article title led with something like, “How Shana Smith Went from Making $0 to $5,000/month on Her Blog in One Year.” Which one are you more likely to click on? That or one that just says “Interview with Shana Smith”? Obviously, the one that gives you a little taste of what you’ll get from it!

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Blog Post Type #6: Guest Post

Types of blog posts

This is often a fantastic option that you can use when you know you are going to fall behind on posts due to a vacation or life event. You can find plenty of bloggers in Facebook Groups who might be interested in creating a guest post. Some may want to get paid and some may be cool with doing it for free. If they have a smaller audience than you, they may want the extra exposure. But some bloggers get offended if you offer to pay them in the form of exposure. I’ve found the best method to find a guest poster is to post in blogging Facebook groups asking if anyone might want to guest post…just be clear that you aren’t able to pay them but maybe you could swap services or something (Persuasion Nation is a great Facebook group and there is actually a weekly post asking people to share if they want to join forces with anyone).

A few tips before signing someone up as a guest poster:

  • If they are a blogger, see what their current writing style is
  • Make sure their blog post topic is relative to your blog and niche
  • Ask them to draft up a brief outline of their post before they write the post (and before you agree to the guest posting)–that way you have a sense of the content.

When posting to a Facebook group asking for people to apply to be a guest poster, you can ask that they provide a URL of their website, what topic they’d write about, and a rough outline. That’s a great way to get all of that information before your first conversation.

Blog Post Type #7: Blog Series

Types of blog posts

A blog series is a FANTASTIC way to create content! They help keep you focused on one topic and once a reader has read one article in the series, chances are he/she will be interested in reading the others! I did this with Padded Tush Stats and it was a hit. We created an “If I could Cloth Diaper All Over Again” series. Each post was on a different topic: one featured my recommendations on cloth diapers, another article talked about cloth diapering two, another article featured survey results from other cloth diapering parents. This provided about a month’s worth of content! I do that often here on Methodical Blogger. For example, I spent several weeks focusing JUST on Pinterest and shared posts such as:

Blog Post Type #8: Entertaining Post/Story

Types of blog posts

One of your posts could simply be an entertaining post or story meant to…well….entertain your reader. Be careful here though: you don’t want your posts to always be about “me me me.” For example, many Mamas write their child’s birth story…and many readers love these stories because it gives them something to relate to (if they are pregnant or had a baby).

Blog Post Type #9: Resource/Link 

Types of Blog Posts

This type of post is a FANTASTIC way to share with your readers a resourceful list of your recommendations, but to also possibly provide you an opportunity to earn a little income. For example, if you have a photography blog, you could have a post sharing your favorite pieces of camera equipment and link to that equipment using Amazon affiliates and earn some income when readers click on those links to purchase the equipment.

Here’s an example of a post of mine where I feature my favorite software programs and plugins for running a blog. Many of the links on there link to affiliate programs, so I do get a small percentage when readers order from that link (thank you if you are one of those readers!).

But a word of warning….don’t just include a link simply to earn some dough! Be honest in what you recommend.

Blog Post Planning Guide

Get access to printables that help walk you through my system for consistently creating and promoting blog content.

Blog Post Type #10: Comparison Post

Types of Blog Posts

Comparison post is similar to a review post, but you are looking at two (or more) products at once. I read articles like this all the time! Just today I was researching the BEST case for my new Samsung Galaxy 8 and one of the articles compared various cases. When I owned Padded Tush Stats, I did these often. For example, you can read my article comparing diaper closures….it’s a riveting read 😉 Comparison posts are fantastic articles because (yet again) you could link to affiliate information. But also think about it, most of the times that we make purchases, we want to research how a particular product works compared to others.

Here are some ideas of comparison posts:

  • If you are a health blogger, you could compare paleo diets with vegan diets
  • If you are a fashion blogger, you could compare two of your favorite online fashion stores
  • If you are a tech blogger, you could compare two different software programs that are similar (and show readers how they differ!).

Blog Post Type #11: FAQ

Types of Blog Posts

Do you find that your readers often ask you the same questions over and over? That means you have a fantastic opportunity to share a FAQ post with your readers. This will serve you so much because as you get those questions again, you can point your readers towards that post and they could probably get even more information than what you could give them in a quick email or social media reply.

This is also a fantastic post to answer questions about an upcoming product launch. YNAB (one of my favorite companies ever) did this when they launched a newer version of their software.

Blog Post Type #12: Behind the Scenes

Types of Blog Posts

A Behind the Scenes post can allow you to share with your reader a little bit of what goes on behind the curtain. A very common Behind the Scenes post is “A Day in the Life” kind of post. This is incredibly popular among Mom bloggers.

You could also do a behind the scenes post related to a product launch you are doing by giving the reader some glimpses of the project you are working on for them.

Behind the Scenes posts tend to make you a little more accessible to your reader.

As you write these posts, I’m going to caution you again to steer clear of the “me, me, me” approach. Instead, try to use the post to share value with your reader. Hands down one of the BEST bloggers at doing this is Jordan Page from Fun Cheap or Free. If you follow her on Insta Stories, she is constantly giving you a look at her day, but as she does so, she shares small hacks and tips that make her life easier. Whenever I see an Insta Story of hers go up, I know I’m about to get hit with some value to help make my life a little easier.

Final Thoughts….

And there you have it! That’s my list of my favorite types of blog posts. Hopefully, this gives you some inspiration for crafting your own content. Just be sure that whatever you write, you keep your reader in mind.

Did I miss any blog post types that you love? Share below in the comments, I’d love to hear!