In this Pinterest series, I’m walking you through all of the best steps to set up your Pinterest Business Account and start driving more traffic to your blog. We will cover topics such as how to set up your Pinterest page, enabling rich pins, creating brand-capturing Pinterest boards, scheduling pins, maximizing your reach on Pinterest, and more.

Pinterest is hands-down one of the best ways to boost traffic to your website. While the lifespan of a Facebook post is only 90 minutes, the average half-life of a pin is 3 and a half months! That pin is working for you months after you (or anyone) pins it!

In this post, I’m going to walk you through why you should have a Pinterest Business account (instead of just your standard Personal Pinterest Page) and I’ll give you a step-by-step guide to help you create a new Pinterest Business account or to convert your Personal Pinterest page over to a Pinterest Business account (have I said “Pinterest” enough?!).

Why Have a Pinterest Business Account?

First off, let’s cover why we even need to have a Pinterest Business account. You have that personal one where you pin recipes, cute dog photos, “Pinspiration” for party ideas and crafts….couldn’t you just use that page?

Technically you could (if it aligns well with your brand, which I’ll discuss a little later), but even if you want to keep that personal page and use it for your business, you will need to convert it to a business account. But don’t worry, I’ll show you how to either convert your current page OR just create a new one.

So what’s the difference between a personal page and business page? The personal page has the standard features that you are likely already familiar with when it comes to Pinterest. The Business page, on the other hand, offers you a few more options:

1 | A Pinterest for Business Profile Gives You Analytics

Having a Pinterest Business profile gives you access to a wide variety of analytics on your page. With these analytics, you can better understand:

  • How many daily impressions you receive (and whether they are increasing or decreasing)
  • How many people are pinning directly from your site
  • What pins are performing the best
  • What pins are performing the worst

Those are just a few of the analytics that I usepinterest business account

pinterest business account

2 | You Can Enable Rich Pins, Which Draws More Readers to Your Page

Rich pins are a fantastic way to give your reader a little more with the pins from your site. Pinterest users are able to view what is called the “Metadata” for every article pinned from your website. Metadata is just the basic information for that particular post on your site (in other words, the title, description, and source). Here is an example of a standard non-rich pin:

How to Set Up a Pinterest Business Account to Boost Blog Traffic

And here’s a rich pin:

Enable Rich Pins for Pinterest Business Page

Doesn’t that rich pin give so much more? It looks far more professional and ups the odds that Pinterest users can find your content & navigate to your page.

3 | You Can Promote Pins Using a Pinterest Business Account

By having a Pinterest Business account, you also have the opportunity to promote pins. You can pay for your ads to be boosted to a particular audience. One fantastic benefit of a Promoted Pin is even if you paid to run that ad once, every time that pin is re-pinned, you are reaching even more people than what you paid for! Pinterest found that those running Pinterest Ads experienced 20% more clicks in the month after they ran their Pinterest Ad, showing that those re-pins bring in some awesome extra traffic.

How to Create a Pinterest Business Account

Now that you know why you should have a Pinterest Business account, let’s get into the how. This process could seem incredibly confusing, but don’t worry, I’m walking you step by step through it all and you can get it all setup in minutes.

Step 1: Create a Business Page

Visit the Pinterest for Business page and click Join as a Business

How to Set Up a Pinterest Business Account to Boost Blog Traffic

Next, you have a decision to make. If you have a Pinterest board already, do you want to make that your business board? This completely depends on how much your board represents your brand. For example, one of my websites is all about healthy eating, organization, and Mom stuff—which was totally my personal Pinterest page! So I transitioned that into a Business Page & it was a natural transition. However, my Pinterest page for Methodical Blogger is much more focused on blogging. I want Methodical Bloggers such as yourself to come to my page and not have to sift through 1000+ recipes and crafts that I’ve pinned. Instead, I want you to access a whole archive of valuable information.

If you want to turn your personal profile into a business profile, select Switch. If you want to create a separate business profile, select Create New.

Set up Pinterest for Business

Then you fill in your information and select Convert (if you are converting your existing page). If you decided to simply Create a New account, fill in the fields given.

Create a business Pinterest Page

Step 3: Update Profile Name

Next, you’ll want to update your profile name. In the top right of your Pinterest page, hover over the photo icon and select My Profile

Need help setting up your blog post? I highly recommend my Free Blog Post Planning Guide. It includes a sample outline to follow that can help you get started. Just fill in your info below and I’ll email it to you:

FREE Step-by-Step Pinterest Checklist

In this Pinterest Checklist, I break down everything that you need to do to maximize your reach on Pinterest & boost blog traffic.

Next, Click on the sprocket in the top left of the page

Then select Profile

Changing Pinterest Business Page

Where it says Business Name enter in your business name. I also recommend that you enter in a few keywords after your business name in order to make it more searchable.

How to set up your Pinterest Business page

For example, mine says, “Methodical Blogger | How to Blog Tutorials”. I know from my research that many people search for “How to Blog”, so I included that after my name. If you are a food blogger, you could have your business name, followed by the common foods you prepare. For example, “Under Pressure Cook | Pressure Cooker Recipes.” One way you can discover keywords is by entering in the word on Pinterest–you’ll see some suggested modifications to your search based on search trends on that topic:

Your Business Name will now appear at the top of your Pinterest page whenever a user accesses it:

Creating Your Pinterest Business Name

Step 4: Upload Your Photo

Now let’s get a picture uploaded on your profile if you haven’t done so already. I recommend that you use a photo of you that best reflects your brand. Wonderlass is an amazing example of this–she’s the guru of all things branding and her Pinterest photo perfectly captures her brand. This doesn’t mean you need to hire a professional photographer, you just need to have a nice clear photo with good lighting that shows your face, and not just your dog or kiddos. If you are a funny, outgoing person, show it in your photo! If your blog is about food, have a photo of you with food! If you write about books, have a photo of you with a book. You could even have your brand logo (although I find I build more trust when I can see the face of someone’s Pinterest profile pic). Whatever you use, I recommend that you use the same profile photo across all social media platforms.

To upload that picture, select Change Picture and pick what you want.

Change Pinterest Profile Image

Step 5: Change Your Username

You can also edit your username (I made mine reflect my business name). Brock Johnson from the Social Media Money Makers podcast has a fantastic tip when it comes to this: if at all possible, try to keep the same username across all social media channels. That way, you can say, “Follow me on social media at ____” and it makes it easier to tell people where to find you, rather than you having to say, “Follow me on Instagram at @quickygirl24, on Twitter at @lovetoread52, on Pinterest at” Do you see how confusing that could be?

Finding one username that could work across all social media outlets can be hard. Trust me, it has taken me a tremendous amount of trial and error to get even close to it. But it’s worth attempting if you can.

Step 6: Fill in the About You Section

Next, give the reader a quick blurb about who you are and what you do in the About you section. This is another fantastic opportunity to utilize keywords & to showcase your personality and brand a little more.

Pinterest Business Profile Description

For example, in my account, my goal is to emphasize for the reader that I aim to provide systems and solutions for new and continuing bloggers. Teaching is my passion, and so I highlight that in my description as well:

Step 7: Confirm Website

For this step, simply enter in your website information where it says Website and select Confirm Website

Confirm Website for a Pinterest Business Page

You’ll then be given a code to copy into the <head> section of your php file. Don’t fret!!! Let me show you a simple way to do it if you are using WordPress.

The plugin Insert Headers and Footers is a great tool to help you copy this code without worrying about messing things up with your blog. From your WordPress Dashboard side menu, go to Plugins and click Add New

Next, search for Insert Headers and Footers

Once you see the plugin Insert Headers and Footers in the search results, click Install and then Activate

You can now access this plugin by going to Settings and selecting Insert Headers and Footers

Copy the script that Pinterest gave you into the Scripts in Header section

Once you have made all of your edits, click Save Settings

And there you have it! Your page should be all ready to rock and roll! In the next article, I’m going to walk you through creating Pinterest boards that best reflect your brand. In this series, I’ll also cover topics such as how to enable rich pins, how to create Pinterest-worthy graphics, and how to significantly boost traffic using Pinterest groups (including my time-saving system for scheduling pins).


FREE Step-by-Step Pinterest Checklist

In this Pinterest Checklist, I break down everything that you need to do to maximize your reach on Pinterest & boost blog traffic.

How to Set Up a Pinterest Business Account to Boost Blog Traffic