In this post, I want to share with you how blogging helped us achieve more financial freedom in hopes that it will inspire you to see how blogging might help you out. I also put together a video to share the story as well. But my main goal for this post is to show you that perhaps starting a blog is a fantastic option for you. Maybe it is just what you need to help you wade through a tough time. It might also be the solution to eventually give you financial freedom that you may be seeking.

I’ll never forget that heart-wrenching moment: my baby was staying with my Mom while my husband and I were out running errands and I got a call from my Mom. My son was developing a high fever and we needed to get there. Our car was out of gas, so we pulled into the nearest gas station to fill it up.

Swiped card 1. Card declined.

Swiped card 2. Card declined.

Swiped card 3. Card declined.

There were tears. There were calls to our bank to figure out what they could do (they couldn’t do anything). There was even a little bickering between the two of us in that stressful moment.

That was about the lowest point I had. To have my baby suffering and not being able to be with him felt awful. Not to mention the fact that clearly we were in some deep financial trouble.

But let’s rewind a little bit, and I’ll share how we got to this point.

The Financial Crisis

Several years ago, we were excited to be welcoming our son into the world. He was an adorable 7 pound, 4-ounce baby who lit up our world!!

I was excited to spend my time with him while also continuing my doctorate work in Education. Unfortunately, the scheduling didn’t align right, and some errors in the student loan office left us not only without aid, but having to reimburse them about two thousand dollars (<– long story on what happened, but they accidentally overfunded me and by that point we had used that cash to pay off debt…so we had nothing to give them). So there we were, with an 18-month old and a newborn baby and with a heaping pile of financial stress. My husband was working as a teller at a local bank, trying his hardest to support the four of us.

I felt helpless. I knew I needed to help, but I couldn’t figure out how.

But things were about to get much worse. While a local representative from our Church was over (ironically she was there helping us figure out how to handle the financial mess we were in), I noticed my daughter was sleeping in longer than usual.

I went to check in on her and what I saw is something I’ll never forget. Her eyes were open and she was staring into the distance. Her face was white. Her lips were blue. I called her name. Nothing. I yelled her name. Nothing. I ran to her yelling again and as I grabbed her she finally snapped out of it and looked at me, but not really looking at me. But she was conscious. We ended up getting her to the hospital where she stayed for a while.

It wasn’t until months later that we finally got a clear answer on what it was & she is now perfectly fine. But that time she endured test after test and specialist after specialist. And that also involved medical bills after medical bills.

How Blogging Gave Us More Financial Freedom

Let’s briefly rewind to a few months prior to her hospitalization: I was cloth diapering my son (to save money) and it just wasn’t working. He kept leaking like crazy and I was incredibly frustrated. I looked online at reviews of diapers. The Moms would share how perfectly the diaper worked on her little ones, and yet I was puzzled because the same diaper was completely useless on my kid. As I dug deeper, I found other Moms with babies with similar body types to mine saying they had trouble with the same diapers my son was having trouble with.

That’s when a lightbulb lit up over my head. Yep, pretty sure it literally did ūüėČ What if cloth diapers worked differently for different baby types? What if there was a way to review how cloth diapers worked on different baby types? The skinny-legged, the chunky, the heavy wetters (yes, that’s a thing in the cloth diapering world).

I used my survey background (my dissertation was a large survey research project) and had parents fill out surveys on how the diapers worked on their babies. I also asked questions about their baby’s size and build. I then analyzed the data and presented the reviews on a blog (Padded Tush Stats) in an easy-to-understand format.

The blog did great. Not only was I getting free cloth diapers, but I received money from advertisers that helped us with our finances. By the time income started coming in, that’s when my daughter was hospitalized. Luckily that money helped us with many of those medical bills. Suddenly I felt the burden of our situation lifting. It definitely wasn’t completely gone, but I am terrified to think of how much worse off we would have been had it not been for the blog.

Following My Passion for Blogging

I soon found a love for blogging. It was an outlet for me and a great way to earn money while I was at home with the kids. I could work on¬†my schedule…..which really was my¬†kids’¬†schedule! Things began to improve for us financially. My husband got a new job, which also helped us tremendously.

I then decided to start a health and fitness blog, since I was loving the weight loss journey I was on and wanted to help others. That blog took off and provided an additional income to help our family. During this time, I was also able to sell the cloth diaper website and pay off a credit card. I can’t get over how amazing it felt to pay off that entire balance!

I then continued the fitness blog for several years, eventually being able to leave my corporate job and stay home with the kids while I finished up my PhD work.

Where I am Now with Blogging

Now I’m in another exciting spot in the journey. I’m now blogging about blogging. Once I (finally) graduated with my PhD in Education, I decided that I wanted to continue blogging, but wanted to blog about a topic closer to what I studied for my doctorate.

How blogging helps you achieve financial freedom

And that brings us here to Methodical Blogger. I love being able to share with readers simple systems to make blogging easier. And I love that yet again, blogging can help our family out. In fact, I’m about to have a 6-month maternity leave for Baby #3 and the¬†income from this site is going to help us support having Baby #3 this August!

How YOU Can Get Started & Relieve Financial Stress

I want you to have the piece of the pie. I want you to experience the relief that comes from being able to help your family, even if it’s just a little bit, during a financial trial. Here are some tips to help you out:

1 | Think about what you are passionate about

Yes, I was passionate about cloth diapers {weird}. I could talk about it for hours. My poor husband even told me he was sick of hearing me talk about cloth diapers! Can you imagine how NOT sexy our date night chatter was?

So think about what you love. Chances are, that’s something you could write about for a while.

2 | Find a Need

This isn’t totally required, but I think it could help. Look at the area you are interested and find something that is¬†missing.

For the cloth diaper website, I noticed a lot of reviews were based on one baby and whatever build that baby had. I decided to fill a need by creating a website that reviewed how diapers worked on different baby types.

For Methodical Blogger, I noticed that when setting up a blog, it is so overwhelming. I got sick of having to try and figure out how to do various blogging tasks. Setting up a theme. Creating a sidebar. Enabling Rich Pins. I wanted someone to just point me to each button to click so I could just do it. So I filled that need by creating tutorials with clear instructions and easy to find arrows that guide people click by click through the blogging process. You see photos like this all over Methodical Blogger:

See what I’m getting at? When you find something that is¬†missing, chances are that’s a place where you can add some amazing value. It’s a great way to help you stand out from the bunch!

3 | Just. Get. Started

Don’t overthink this. Don’t think you need to have all of the answers because trust me, even if you think you do, you’ll start and realize you don’t! Just get your feet wet and start!

I have a blog launch checklist to walk you step by step through getting started, so I recommend you fill out the info below and just get started. And don’t forget, I’m here to help you if you are struggling! I’m just an email away (

FREE Step-by-Step Blog Launch Checklist

If you are starting or re-launching a blog, chances are you might be a little overwhelmed with the process. In this Blog Launch Checklist, I break down everything that you need to do to get your blog running.

4 | Be Patient

Trust me, you aren’t rolling in the dough the second you start blogging. This story sounds great all packaged up, but it really covers several years. It does take some time. That’s why it’s so incredibly important that you blog about what you are passionate about since for a while, you’ll be doing it for free! But don’t worry, with consistent effort over time, you’ll begin to earn some income to help you out.

I’m curious, if you could earn even just $200 blogging, how could that help you? Comment below, I’d love to hear!